API PHE Gaskets

VHX supply high quality of replacement heat exchanger API PHE gaskets for more than 200 models. We supply heat exchanger sealing gaskets with more than five material can fulfill diversified application needs including NBR, EPDM, HNBR, NBR-HT, EPDM-HT, Viton-A/FKM, Viton-G/FKM and CR.

Models  A=mm  B=mm  Assembling Type  
Sigma M7  Glued
Sigma M9  Glued
Sigma M10  Glued
Sigma M13589.6134.8Glued
Sigma M19  Glued
Sigma M25709.5271.9Glued
Sigma M26980.6174.3Glued
Sigma M35944271.9Glued
Sigma M361075.5218.4Glued
Sigma M551334271.9Glued
Sigma M561047.7325.3Glued
Sigma M661470.5289.6Glued
Sigma M76  Glued
K108  Glued
K138  Glued
K185  Glued